Reservations, cancellations and returns policy

The lessor will charge the total cost at the time of booking, in the case of no-show at the time indicated by the lessee will lose his reservation and the amount will not be refunded. If the tenant does not successfully complete the payment process, the reservation will be invalidated, even if he receives confirmation of it. If the lessor does not physically present a valid driver’s license and a valid personal identification, the removal of the vehicle will not be possible and the cost of the same will not be refunded.

Important. Check your payment method notifications will be void and reservations canceled if payment is not made in full and correctly.

Once the vehicle has been delivered, no returns will be accepted.

The reservation may be modified or canceled at no cost 15 days before the delivery of the vehicle and at a cost of 100% of the total cost of the reservation for cancellations less than 15 days in advance.

The lessor accepts for deposits credit  cards, debit cards and cash, the deposit will be returned to the lessee to the control of the contract if during the period of validity of the same no additional costs have been generated, in which case the total will be returned less the costs generated. The deposit will be € 600 in the case of renting a car and € 200 in the case of renting a scooter, regardless of the insurance contracted.

Delivery, return and during the use of the vehicle

The client must go to our office located in the street S’almadrava number 37 local 3-4 in the port of La Savina for the collection of the vehicle.

The lessee receives the vehicle in perfect condition and working correctly in its entirety, which he verifies at the time of delivery and takes charge of it, committing to return said vehicle in the same conditions in which he receives it or otherwise he must pay for the damages caused by the lessee, recognizing in turn to be informed of the type of fuel that the vehicle uses, as well as its operation in general.

The lessor undertakes to deliver the vehicle to the lessee ready to circulate and with enough fuel to reach the nearest gas station, the lessee must return the vehicle with the same level of fuel, otherwise he will be charged the amount of € 18 for every 1/8 of the missing fuel tank.

The lessee undertakes to carry with him the document issued by this company, as well as his personal supporting documentation that authorizes him to drive the leased vehicle and to exhibit it in case it is required by the authority or personnel of this company.

The daily rental is understood for a period of 24 hours from the beginning of the contract, and if it exceeds 24 hours it would begin to be counted as a second day, being the obligation of the lessee to pay the amount generated.

The lessee undertakes that the data provided to the lessor are true and that he is in administrative possession of the permit that authorizes him to drive the leased vehicle exempting the company from any liability arising from the lack of the same or its validity

The lessor reserves the right not to rent vehicles if he does not deem it convenient. In addition, the insurance of the vehicle contracted by the lessee will be null and void and the lessor may withdraw the leased vehicle in the event that in the opinion of the company it misuses the vehicle, or if the lessee drives it under the influence of alcohol, drugs, illness, fatigue or any state that could reduce its capacities, under no circumstances will the withdrawal of the vehicle by the company motivate a partial or total refund of the amount paid.

The lessee undertakes to inform the lessor of the existence of an additional driver, which will not have an extra cost, only if he is under 23 years old or has less than three years from obtaining the driver’s license.

The lessee will be responsible both civilly and criminally for the possible inconveniences that may arise from the use of the leased vehicle and in no case may use the vehicle for the transport of goods or any commercial activity, as well as the sublease of the same.

The lessor is not responsible for drivers of the vehicle who are not listed in the lease

Insurance and excess

The lessee is insured from civil liability against third parties by means of an insurance policy agreed to the lessor with an insurance company, and the damage to persons to the extent and conditions established in the regulations of compulsory insurance.

It is included in the price of the I.V.A lease and basic insurance, unlimited mileage, port charges, local fees and taxes.

A comprehensive insurance may be contracted, which will only cover the damages of the vehicle, paying a daily amount of € 14 in the case of cars, € 12 in the case of Piaggio vespa 125cc motorcycles, € 11 in the case of 125cc and 110cc motorcycles of different brand and € 6 as they are 50cc models. The contracting of the comprehensive insurance will not cover the damages of the vehicle in the event that the driver does not respect the road rules, performs a NON-responsible driving or drives under the influence of alcohol, drugs or any substance that impairs their abilities to drive.

The comprehensive insurance does NOT include: Personal belongings, damage to the underside of the vehicle, damage to tires, such as blowouts, punctures, loss or breakage of keys or locks, parasols, trunk tray, damage to glass or the interior of the vehicle, damage to roofs or mechanisms of convertible vehicles, loss of part of the interior of the vehicle, vehicle fire, vehicle theft. On motorcycles, the insurance also does not include breakage or lack of mirrors, trunk and tires, loss, theft or breakage of the helmet or visor.


The lessee undertakes to pay the penalties imposed on his person and on the vehicle, derived from the breach of the rules of the road during the rental period, this must be communicated to the lessor at the time of the inspection of the contract and delivery of the vehicle if not, the client authorizes Formentera Rent to deduct from his credit card the amount corresponding to the amount of the fine and all the expenses that this could lead.

Extras and additional costs

There is no minimum age for the rental of vehicles, but an extra cost of € 20 will be charged to tenants under 23 years of age, or have less than three years from obtaining the driver’s license, for reasons of accident, whether they are the first driver or if they are an additional driver, they will not be able to contract the insurance at all risks.

In the case of having to perform a cleaning that requires more time than usual, the tenant will be charged an amount of € 25 per hour for extreme cleaning.

If the lessee returns the vehicle with wet seats, an amount of € 25 must be paid

Smoking inside the vehicle can be considered extreme cleanliness.

If the lessee loses the keys or returns a broken lock of the rented car, he must pay the amount of € 350, if he loses the keys of the motorcycle € 60 and that of the trunk of the motorcycle € 60.

For loss or breakage of helmet or visor will entail an expense of € 60.

The child seats will be provided by the lessor according to availability if the tenant so requests at the time of booking, having the daily cost of € 3.

Technical assistance that is not justified by a problem of the vehicle but that was motivated by the lessee such as wheel changes or various inconveniences will have a cost of € 35 regardless of the duration of said assistance.

The vehicle must be delivered at the end of the contract with the same amount of fuel with which the lessee received the vehicle at the beginning of the contract. In the event that the lessee does not return the vehicle with the same amount of fuel, he must pay € 15 for every 1/8 of missing tank in relation to the level at the beginning of the contract.

The delivery and return times are those between 09:00 a and 20:00 pm, in case of being made at a different time or in a different place of the delivered one, the amount of € 12 surcharge for delivery or the same amount in the case of the return will be paid.

The return of the vehicle in a different place than the one it was delivered will have a cost of € 12.

If the client wishes, it is possible to deliver his luggage to the address indicated with a cost of € 12 each way (recommended for motorcycles).


In the event of any difference that may arise in relation to this contract, the parties will expressly submit to the legally applicable judicial jurisdiction. FORMENTERA RENT.